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"My Mithril Foundation"

A love song without the word "love" in it anywhere.
I write love songs when I remember her...
The song just expresses pure love and doesn’t have anything related to lust.
It’s an alternative to songs which tell of achieving materialistic and unwanted things like “bringing the moon down on your feet".


“My Mithril foundation”


If you want me to be, someone you wanted to be,

I’ll change and arrange myself for you.

If you want me to see, the things you wanted to see,

I’ll see them and be there just for you.


I’ll bring down the tallest mountains,

I’ll build up the mithril fountains.

I’ll make the moon shine more bright,

I’ll make the sun rise up in the night.

But what’ll you do of all these achievements?

They won’t help us in any way.

So I promise I’ll never hurt your sentiments.

And listen to everything that you say.

I’ll always be there to share your pain.

I’ll never leave you in the dark again.


Since you’ve been in my heart,

My life’s taken a new start.

It never felt so bright and sweet before.

Never felt so warm and yet so cold.

With you on my side,

I’ve got nothin’ to hide.

I feel happy and bright.

Content from the inside.


The time of my life runs on the beat of your heart.

It’s just an elegant synchronization.

Not even the sharpest knife can tear us apart

We share such a pure relation.


You are the eternal flame that keeps me going on.

You are the uncalled name in all my songs.

Every single day when I think of you,

I feel as fresh as the morning dew.

My feelings for you are deeper than the Pacific.

There isn’t a word that’d make it more specific.

Your sublime presence and your grace

Always puts a smile on my face.


It’s a beautiful feeling; I hope it lasts till eternity.

My soul is healing, I feel like I’ve touched divinity.


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