LJ (minetruly) wrote in ragingromance,

Marriage-building activities needed!

I'm a host student at a wonderful Japanese couple's house. They've had marital problems that led them to seriously consider divorce over the last month. They almost signed papers yesterday. When I offered to help save their marriage, they both wanted my advice. They're willing to try to save the marriage, but as soon as it stops looking productive, I fear the next fight will have them living in separate houses.

With pressure from their family to divorce and papers almost signed yesterday, I just convinced them to put it off for two more weeks while they try following my advice to improve their marriage. Right now, I'm translating some questionairres for identifying needs and problems. Last night's exercise gave them hope and motivation to keep trying... but I don't know how long it will last.

What I need right now, though, is some activities they can start doing NOW (while I'm translating the rest!) that will give them immediate positive results, even if it's just an activity that will be fun for a few minutes. Can you give my any ideas?
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