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So... I have a question for people. I am VERY nervous and I have no idea how to deal with this situation.

So, this guy I've been dating is a virgin. It's not a big problem, but what's the problem is that all he's done is kissing with a girl... and not even very much of that with his ex-girlfriends. So, I'm having to teach him how to be with a girl and do stuff, and it IS kind of awkward because I don't really know how to teach him stuff, since most of the guys I've been with have already been with another girl or at least have had SOME knowledge of what to do, even when I was with my ex. He had at least SOME knowledge of what to do, and we were both virgins when we started doing stuff so we were BOTH learning.

(On a side note, I'm 20, and he's 23 (almost 24). I'm the first girlfriend he's had for a very long time. His longest relationship is about 4 months and mine is almost 2 years. Totally different.)

Can someone help me on how to either demonstrate or tell him or show him how to do stuff? We have gotten pretty hot and heavy with each other in the past week or so, and I just don't want him to regret losing his virginity to me if it happens. I also don't want him to think that I have a problem with him being a virgin... because I don't at all. I just have a slight problem that he doesn't really know very much about how to do the stuff that comes beforehand.

I need help on if I should like tell him about stuff, or if I should buy him a book or just suggest books or something for him? I mean, I do have Guide to Getting It On at my house that I could have him read. I'm just totally unsure on how I should approach this and what's the best way to make it less awkward if I need to teach him. I don't want to have to be telling him everything while he's doing stuff, since it would kinda ruin the mood (in my opinion).

Well, I just need some suggestions....


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